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  • helo bạn mnh c thể lm quen mới bạn được khngmnh tn l hương mnh qu ở quảng ngi hiện tại mnh năm nay 21 hiện tại mnh đang ở thu mnh qu ở tam đảomnh muốn kết bạn với cc bạn ở tam đảohoi mnh qu ở ha nội

    lam trang da tu nhien

    yếu sinh l phụ nữ

    cch lm đẹp da
    I have some frag of birdnest green like 4 inches multiple and placid lake zoa llike 10 polyp and or just frag of acans rainbow 3 big heads and like 6 babys
    hey what's up how's your new place?? I kinda got out of the game for awhile never sold my tank just got busy changing jobs and moving I live in Costa Mesa now. I sold my 34 gallon about a month ago found an amazing deal on a 60 gallon cube with overflow and a 20 gallon sump awesome setup managed to get it for $100. I lost all my acans in my old tank so now just concentrating on some softies and some more fish with the larger tank. I have a ton of sunndy D Frags if you want to trade?? Hope all is well!!
    the JBJ pulse controller is bunk. doesnt really make a tidal motion at all. good if u want to turn ur power heads off n on tho
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