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  • Hey Liz long time, but I had read somewhere on reef2reef that you may still have some soprano zoas. Was just curious if you did have, if you would be willing to sell a polyp or two. Trying to track down my dream zoas, thanks for your time.
    I will keep the purple hornets in mind that would be my next purchase, for now I am excited fir my red hornets hopefully it's healing fine thanks !!

    on the frag of Orange Envy, the polyps are not fully expanding out because there are two tiny aptasia on it! How do I get rid of them or what do you advise I do?
    Hey, I just wanted to thank you guys for showing me what you have. I am going to put a new thread post about the "Customer Service" that you and jorge provide and recommend that EVERYONE buy there next zoas/SPS/Chalices from you guys! YOU MIGHT NEED SOME MORE TANKS!!!!
    Hey there zoagirl. I've paid for the zoa growout contest already. I want to set up an appointment with u to come pick up the frag. I'm in garden grove too. Let me know ur addy and phone #. Thanks!
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