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    Par Meter

    Does anyone local have a PAR meter they rent out? My old club in PNW had one member could check out. Does this club have something like that? I just set up a narrow reflector on my Kessil and I want to PAR map my tank in about 12 days from now. If anyone has one they want to rent out so I...
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    Kessil Narrow Reflector and changes to light program when using it.

    Has anyone here used the narrow reflector they sell for the 360x? I ordered one, mainly so I could cut the glare from the light while sitting at my desk. I am reading that the reflector can increase the PAR of the light by up to 3x. If you have used the reflector did you go through the...
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    Film over display tanks at LFS

    I went to a LFS today and was very surprised to see a film covering the glass on the SPS tanks. It appeared to be the orange filter that people use for photography. They had it completely covering several tanks. Is this getting common now? 19 years in the hobby now, first time seeing it.
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    Pod Cultures

    I have been reading on some various forums about people using 55g barrels to culture copepods outdoors in full sun. Some of the cultures turn out thousands of pods a month. Is anyone in this group doing something like this? I am just curious if it would work with our climate. I am considering...
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    WTB Drilled 29g, or 37g tall.

    I am looking to seup up a little display refugium next to my system. I already have a shelf there so I need something with a similar base to the standard 29g. I also need it to have an overflow, not picky about how. Let me know what you have :D
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    Copepod Garage Cultures

    Any recommendations for species that do well in garage cultures here? My garage is east facing and we are a couple miles from the beach. During the summer it probably got in the 80's in there, the winter down high 40's. Would like to feed phyto since I have a ton of it, and TDO. Thanks for...
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    Local place to buy Live Pods, and Live Phyto or Group Buy?

    Is there anywhere local to Long Beach that sells live pods? If not would anyone be willing to go in on a group buy with Aquarium depot so we can save on shipping? I would like to order tommorrow or Sunday if there is no place local.
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    WTB Reactors

    I am looking to try converting a few different things over to chaeto reactors. If you have an old reactor lying around, even if it is partially broken I am interested. I am in Long Beach, prefer close by.
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    WTB 20-40g RODI reservoir tank

    Prefer something that is plastic or acrylic. Old beat up tank is fine, just has to hold water. This will be going on the rafters in my garage, I don't care much what it looks like. I am in Long Beach.
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    MP40 QD powersupply

    I am trying to troubleshoot an MP40 QD that hates me. I replaced the wet side thinking that was the issue. I was wrong. I would like to try replacing the power supply next. Does anyone have one for the QD they are not using or know of a place around Long Beach to pick one up. Just needs to be...
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    Back in Cali

    I guess I should say hello outside of the classified forums. My family and I just moved back to Cali, Long Beach specifically after 12 years in Portland, Oregon. I have been in the hobby since 2001, and for the first time in 18 years not had a tank running for the last 4 months. Weird thing...
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    Best LFS near LBC for Plumbing Parts

    I am setting up a lil cube tank. Looking for loose odds and ends like black hose, slip on drain hose, gate valve, etc etc. All that random little weird stuff that makes the plumbing nice. I have tried Age of Aquariums but they didn't really have much in the way of plumbing. Anyplace else worth...
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    WTB Copepods

    Does anyone around here sell them. I am looking to seed a new tank. Thought I would check local before I ordered online. Thank you!
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    WTB 60G Cube

    Prefer glass and drilled. Text is great. (714)757-3943 Located in Long Beach