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    Small OG Bounce

    Anyone have a small OG Bounce for sale this weekend in Orange County ?
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    WTB: Holy Grail Torch

    Looking for one to see what the hype is all about. Lmk if you have a frag for sale. Thanks.
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    Flame Tips Anemone

    Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one for a decent price. Thanks.
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    Bonded pair of Snowflakes for sale

    I'm driving to Houston on Tuesday and would like to sell my Snowflake pair. These are bonded for about 1 1/2 yrs 2.5"+ super healthy. If not sold by Tuesday then they are making the trip. $120 832-875-2706
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    Eheim 1260

    Sold my tank and not gonna need this. $70 832-875-2706
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    Moving Sale! Bed/60" TV/ Weber BBQ

    - IKEA Mandal solid wood full size bed and mattress. Mattress is fairly new. Had it for about 6 months. Individual springs foam and has a layer of gel material. $350 - LG 60pa6550 slim plasma. Awesome picture quality and slim. $500...
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    Nano Skkye LED fixture and MP10 sale

    - 1 Innovative Marine Skkye LED fixture 6 white 4 blue - 2 plugs - great condition and great for nano tanks or fuge. $25 - 1 MP10 with blue controller. Got it with a used tank. Age unknown. $120. Mike 832-875-2706
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    15 heads Duncan for sale $30

    Pick up in Irvine 832-875-2706 Mike
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    24" T5 fixture and 36" T5 bulbs sale!

    I need to clear out some reefing stuff before the move. First up is a Hagen 24" 2 bulbs t5 fixture. Its in great condition and comes with ATI bulbs with moisture proof end caps. Great for small tank or even sump. $30 (9) Misc 36" T5 bulbs. Some new and most are barely used. All for $50
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    New condition CadLights 50 gallons long rimless tank

    I bought this set up brand new and have been cycling this for a month. However, I am moving out of state and would like to sell this. 50 gallons starphire rimless 36x18x18 Stand Custom sump out of 20 gallons tank since i did not like the way CadLights designed their. Original return pump...
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    WTT: 2 MP10s for 2 Tunze 6055 + controller

    I would like to be able to direct flow so going with Tunze. Let me know if anyone down to trade. Thanks.
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    FS: Shallow Acrylic Cube Set Up

    It's time to take down my set up and would like to pass on the deal to someone else. This would make a great frag set up. Ready to go just add water. Pick up in Garden Grove. No livestocks or anything else beside what is listed 24x24x8 acrylic black solid wood stand sump return pump light bar...
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    Wtb: 50w heater

    I need a good and reliable heater for an 8 gallons tank. Lmk what you have and price. Local to Garden grove please. Thank you. Mike
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    SPS Frags for sale $10 each

    I have some sps frags for sale. I dont know their designer names but all healthy and encrusted. $10 each and pick up in Westminster. Mike 832-875-two706
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    Wtb: Long and shallow AIO frag tank

    Lmk what you have. Thanks.
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    Mushrooms Rhodactis Ricordea Yuma Sale!

    Hey all I need to clear my tank of these beautiful Rhodactis mushrooms and Yumas. Price is $20 per yuma and $10 per Rhodactis. I will discount for multiple polyps or colony. Pick up in Garden Grove. Thanks. Text me at 832-875-270six Mike
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    Wtb: Led fixture for nano tank

    I need a small light for my gf's tank. Par30 bulb or something else. Budget is $50 or i can trade a 120w led blue/white fixture for it. Thanks
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    Fs: Dragon Eye Zoa Colonies + Bonus !!

    I need to do some rearranging so this piece is for sale. It comes with about 40-50 polyps of really bright Dragon Eyes and arrow in pic points to a few polyps of what looks to be BBEB or similar. Rock size 6"x2"x1" $50 Mike
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    Need advice!!

    So last week I bought 5 gallons of premix salt water from lfs to change for my gf's nano. I used about 3 gallons on an 8 gallons nano. I didnt bother to check salinity of the store bought water because they are a reputable store and I have been using their water for almost 6 months now with...
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    Flying with fish?

    Im visiting Houston in a couple weeks and would like to bring back 10-20 baby clown fish. Any suggestion how to best do this? Thanks!