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  1. Bouncingsoul393

    SOLD IceCap Medium Size Co2 Scrubber

    Like new condition with plenty of life left in the media. Plugs into the intake of your protein skimmer to remove Co2 and raise and stabilize the tank Ph. Used for 3 months and it works well. Local pickup in Torrance 90503. Zelle preferred or cash. $40
  2. Bouncingsoul393

    Rainbow RBTA and hosted True Perc Clown

    Rainbow Rose Bubble Tip Anemone on small piece of live rock with it’s hosted True Percula Clownfish. Both healthy and no issues at all. Selling due to needing funds. One pic is under blue light and the other was taken with an orange filter. The Nem did a natural spilt a few weeks ago and so now...
  3. Bouncingsoul393

    Metroplex dosed into water column?

    I’m having an issue with internal parasites and cannot setup a hospital tank atm. Can I dose metro to the water? the fish refuse to eat the soaked food and one blenny doesn’t eat any food only grazes they rocks. Do you guys thinks it’s safe for coral or a bad idea?
  4. Bouncingsoul393

    SOLD: Rainbow Rose Anemone 2-2 1/2”

    SOLD. Natural split. Healthy and sitting in a net now waiting for new home. Local pickup in torrance 90503. $35 cash or Zelle. No trades. PM me to arrange pickup. Thanks.
  5. Bouncingsoul393

    SOLD Deresa Clam 2-2 1/2”

    I’ve had it about six months. Healthy and is fed phytoplankton 2-3 a week. $75 local pickup in Torrance 90503 or can meet halfway within reason. Cash or Zelle only. No trades.
  6. Bouncingsoul393

    Current Best Method to Lower Nitrate?

    I’ll admit my hobby knowledge may be outdated. What’s the best current method of lowering nitrate? By best, I mean cheap yet effective. I used to think it was just large water changes and cutting back feeding.
  7. Bouncingsoul393

    FS: Innovative Marine Custom Caddy (Midsize) Media Basket

    In good condition without any damage or scratches. Will include two IM carbon packs it came with. No other media included. $25 Pickup in Torrance 90503. Price is firm. Cash only. No trades.
  8. Bouncingsoul393

    Free Chaeto in Torrance 90503

    I’ll have it available for pickup until the end of the night today Thursday the 16th. It’s the thicker strand species. Grows very fast under high light. PM me if you need some.
  9. Bouncingsoul393

    [FS] LPS: Pink Cynarina, Green Cynarina, Kryptonite Candy Cane, Blue Steam Goni

    Going through some money issues. Need to sell these guys to keep afloat until my Uber stuff is processed: Pink Cynarina 4” fully open $150 Green Cynarina 4” fully open $95 Super Bright Kryptonite about 12 heads 3” $120 Blue Steam Goni 2” $90
  10. Bouncingsoul393

    inTank All in One Universal Aquarium Surface Skimmer x 2

    $20 cash for the pair. Pickup in Torrance 90503
  11. Bouncingsoul393

    [FS] Innovative Marine Midsize UV Sterilizer 11watt

    Excellent working condition. Only used for three months so plenty of life left on the UV bulb. Fits Innovative Marine AIO back chamber on the larger models. Please check their website to make sure it fits your tank model. $30 firm. local pickup in Torrance 90503. Cash only, no trades. PM me to...
  12. Bouncingsoul393

    [FS] BNIB AquaticLife Universal Light Fixture Hanger Pair

    Pair of adjustable aquarium light hanger mounts. Can hold any light fixture up to 20 lbs. $80 for the pair. Retails for $150 +tax. Local pickup in Torrance 90503 or can meet halfway within reason. Cash, Paypal, or Zelle. No trades.
  13. Bouncingsoul393

    SOLD- Aussie Starkii Damselfish 2”

    From Divers Den. Had him for three months. Healthy and eats everything. He’s not super aggressive. He’s just an aggressive eater and is outcompeting the other fish. He’s with a 2” percula clown and a 1” six line wrasse and is fine with them. $90 (what i paid) Local pickup in Torrance 90503...
  14. Bouncingsoul393

    6x BNIB ATI T5HO Bulbs 39w for 36” fixtures

    $12 each or take all six for $60. Local pickup in Torrance 90503. Coral plus, Blue plus, Actinic.
  15. Bouncingsoul393

    Free Large Emerald Crab in Torrance 90503

    Not reef safe. Free to anyone who wants him. He’s about 2-2 1/2”. PM me to arrange pickup.
  16. Bouncingsoul393

    WTB- Inexpensive Green Or Rose BTA

    Hoping to find one near Torrance 90503. Or at least within 15 miles or so. Needs to be larger size with an oral disc of 4-5” (not including tentacles). Please PM me price and pic of the nem. Thanks.
  17. Bouncingsoul393

    SOLD Current USA Orbit R24 Reef LED Light x2

    Excellent working condition. Only used for three months. Includes flexible gooseneck tank mount kits for both lights as seen in the pics. I tried AI Prime 16HD and these and as an old school halide and T5 guy, I gotta go back to T5. These are bluetooth controlled through the Loop App. 4...
  18. Bouncingsoul393

    Foxface Rabbitfish Small 2” Not Reef Safe

    This little butthead got evicted. Love him but not him nipping every coral in the tank even though he’s well fed and gets nori daily. Otherwise healthy and eats frozen and flake. $20 cash or trade for coral. Pickup in Torrance 90503. If he not gone by end of day tomorrow he’s going to be donated...
  19. Bouncingsoul393

    Did Dr. Tim’s Waste Away do anything for your tank that was noticeable?

    Just curious what the consensus is on this stuff. Thanks.
  20. Bouncingsoul393

    Large Green Fungia for Small One? Or Something Else!

    I’ve got a pretty big neon green Fungia it’s about 4” across. Don’t really have room for it in my tank. Anyone have a small one that they’d like to trade? Or some other LPS or SPS? Pm me.