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    Free chromis Gone Close plz

    I’ll take him

    FS: Live Rock no pests

    DMs sent

    FS: Live Rock no pests

    yes, Still in the sump. It’s all the rock in the sump

    FS: Live Rock no pests

    Hi y’all A Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I have approximately 40 lbs of cured live rock for sale. It’s been in system for about a year now and ready to find a new home. It’s a mixture of small medium and large sized pieces from the Marshall Islands and Tonga that I acquired in the...

    Free Digitata frags

    Would love one. i had an alk swing and all my montipora RTN and died

    steel/aluminum stand fabricators

    I have one in the San Fernando valley. He was very reasonable and took 3 days to build and powdercoat.

    RBTAs and BlackIce/Frostbite Clownfish

    Overhead tank shot of the anemones.

    RBTAs and BlackIce/Frostbite Clownfish

    Bumpity bump bump bump.

    RBTAs and BlackIce/Frostbite Clownfish

    I’m Thinning out my reef tank to make room for new additions. I’m open to trades and fair offers. Plus, It’s always cool to meet fellow hobbyists. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Reefing everyone. Clownfish: $70 (Sea&Reef: Black Ice/Frostbite) RBTA: $50 each (4 available) location: 91325...
  10. DETANE

    Fish FS

  11. DETANE

    Any local places that sell QT fish ?

    Vivid aquariums in canoga park CA
  12. DETANE

    What’s the hottest acro/milli out there?!?!

    Don’t go for the names. Literally it all comes from two suppliers and simply gets named when it hits the stores. In my wholesaler days, I was landing boxes of colonies at about $15-$20 per large colony of super bright Millies, and rainbows too.
  13. DETANE

    WTB:2 250w metal halide

    I have two reflectors and galaxy ballasts in very good condition. Im Located in the city of Northridge near the university CSUN. here is the link to my sales thread:
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    Rubble Rubble

    Hey all, happy reefing!! I have about 50gl worth of rubble rock mixed w/coral skeletons ready for pick up in the city of Northridge CA near Cal State Northridge (91325). Asking $60 or trade for bright color ZOAS or Chalice. thank for looking.
  15. DETANE

    WTB: Live Rock

    I have a lot rubble rock great for a sump or to aquascape using putty. I have a few buckets full approximately a 50 gallon drum of it
  16. DETANE

    Selling everything $500 75 gallon tank

    I’ll take the solar wrasse and yellow tang if your decide to part out. Thanks 🙏
  17. DETANE

    WTB an auto top off ATO

    I have one, it is high end but I’ll offer it for a not so high end price