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  1. dontavo27

    New office New Tank ~ 540 gallons with dedicated fishroom

    Send them to me for closer inspection
  2. dontavo27

    210 gallon reef tank setup with broken sump

    Tell him it’s trash, and he’s going to have to order something from you locally. I think some members on here have a supplier for Aqua Japan in the SoCal area. Might be worth a try. Mark it up!
  3. dontavo27

    Frag tank system

    This guy
  4. dontavo27

    Free rainbow BTA

    Yes! Let me when is a good time to come by? thank you.
  5. dontavo27


    I wouldn’t add anymore fish…
  6. dontavo27

    Free rainbow BTA

  7. dontavo27

    Reef breeders

    Really good light, I had the 24” V2 a few years back. 70% blue and RB, 10% everything else.
  8. dontavo27


    Nice chalice!
  9. dontavo27

    Chuy’s Budget Noob Tank

    Looking good bro!
  10. dontavo27

    SEA-LAB NO 28?

    I used it once for a 40 breeder to keep everything stable while I was away for a month, I instructed my tank sitter to drop in one cube per week, to my surprise it kept everything in check.
  11. dontavo27

    Sad day :(

    With how cheap heaters are compared to everything else that goes into our aquariums, I would recommend replacing your heater at least every two years. That’s usually my protocol with just about anything inexpensive, ato sensors, heaters, test kits, power heads etc..
  12. dontavo27

    FS: School of 7 wild banggaii cardinals SOLD!

    I wish you were near Van Nuys
  13. dontavo27

    Kessil A360X

    Sold. please close.
  14. dontavo27

    IM Fusion 15 Cube

    Looking good Ben! The tank has really come a long way.
  15. dontavo27

    Free aquarium supplies

    Wanted to offer this out before I throw it away. pick up in 91402. Please PM if interested. must take all or none. most of these items are 90% fully by the way.
  16. dontavo27

    20gal FragTank progress

    Coming along at just over two months. I have a feeling this little frag tank is going to turn out to be a cool little piece of the ocean 🌊 Couple of new frags from the OC coral show
  17. dontavo27

    Oc coral show

    Good show, went on the last hour to score some good deals! The fact that it was free parking and admission was a bonus.
  18. dontavo27

    Established Magnifica Anemone and wild caught clown -$100

    dang you basically had to give that thing away…. to bad I don’t have a tank big enough.
  19. dontavo27

    Chuy’s Budget Noob Tank

    I would turn down the blue To 60-70%, white down to 30-40% red and green down to 10%. Scrub the algae off as much as possible, and pick up up a good clean up crew, 5 turbo snails, 15-20 smaller snails, like cerith, astrea, and IMO every time I go bare bottom on a tank I’m not paying much...
  20. dontavo27

    Red Flatworms on Torch

    Yes dip that sucker! Do you have any wrasses in the tank? I usually keep a sixline for flatworm control, although they eventually do becomes wrasseholes… Ive had good success with dipping the coral outside of the tank in a container with some flatworm exit. I think peroxide might work as well...