Fish for sale! Wrasse, tangs and more

Oct 9, 2019
Hey guys I have a few big healthy fish for sale. First one is a green bird wrasse. He is about 5”. He is very energetic and healthy. Eats everything I put in the tank. Very cool fish and a great personality but getting too big for my tank.

Second fish is a big healthy blue tang. This guy is one of my favorite fish, he runs to the front of the tank when he sees me and wants to always be in the spotlight. He has an amazing personality and doesn’t bother any fish. He is about 6” or bigger

Third fish is a big fox face, he is about 6” or bigger. He eats everything and is a big healthy boy. He has a great personality and doesn’t bother anyone.
$100 for the fox face

Fourth is a damsel I don’t know the name of it, but you can have him for free with the purchase of any fish

Text is best 760-994-5584

I will take pictures when I get home today

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