I’m so lazy....

Jan 23, 2011
Yucaipa 92399
I’m so lazy cause I don’t want to clean my skimmer collection cup weekly. So I did a modification on my I-tech 200 and made a manual neck cleaner

So my itech has the carbon lid witch made this modification easier. Warning for the faint of heart I did have to cut pieces out of the original lid.
Another thing that made this mod possible is that I had a piece of acrylic tube that fit perfectly inside the part that’s over the neck. Idk is it called the bubble pop shield? I took the tube and caped one side. Then added an arm with a rubber squeegee.

I then cut a hole in the lid so that the tube could pass freely through the lid if I took the carbon lid off. I then made a 2.5”X.5” circle spacer that I glued to the top of the swabbie lid. I then made a 2.5” circle hole in the carbon lid

The spacer and swabbie lid fit perfectly inside the original rid.

I than made a extra large washer out of 1/8” acrylic. This washer stops the swabbie lid from falling on top of the skimmer neck.

Then I took the piece that I cut out of the original lid and cleaned it up and made it as the turn handle

This is a side view

So if you noticed an acrylic pin coming out of the swabbie lid it was added after I found out that the nylon bolt would unthread and loosen when I would spin the lid backwards. Oops
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