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  1. BgFish

    Captain jerk paly and green/teal paly colonies

    These are over a year old- each is a good size colony. About the size of a soft ball. $50 OBO for captain jerks $25 OBO for green/teal pick up in gardena. Trade for corals welcome. these are great beginner corals, easy to grow. Does not demand high light but can grow in high or low light.
  2. BgFish

    Tank for sale

    This was all purchased new towards the end of 2016. Used for about 1 year- Tank is a acrylic clear for life 65 gal with a center over flow. no scratches- well cared for. Has Acrylic lids for all openings in top as well. Tank and stand was purchased new from Aquatic Fantasy. has a eshops sump...
  3. BgFish

    Apex Jr FS

    Apex Jr. $150- 90247 $150 located in gardena 90247
  4. BgFish

    WTB apex PM1 and PH probe.

    Just got a apex JR from a friend. I want to add PH and Salinity probes. If anyone has PM1 and/or PM2 with probes for sale please let me know. Sale or trade -
  5. BgFish

    Free Pink Kenya tree

    I have a few Kenya trees I don’t need. Free to a good home- trades welcome but not necessary. there is probably 5 or 6 available. Each between 1 and 4” tall. Would like to limit to one per person to give as many people as interest a shot in a free coral. May consider 2 small or one larger...
  6. BgFish

    WTB jbj auto top off

    Looking forward a good used auto top off. I like JBJ but any decent one for a good price - preferably near gardena 90247- or surrounding areas. buy/trade/etc. corals - 420-cash- whatever.
  7. BgFish

    Aquatic life hybrid

    Looking for a cheap 36” or 48” aquatic life t5 hybrid fixture. The old hybrid style only please. Really hoping for something in the $100 range or better if possible. Wanted for a project - to be disassembled and re-purposed (if all goes as planned lol.) May even consider 24” if price is right...
  8. BgFish

    WTB AI prime FUGE

    Looking for decent used AI prime fuge. Im Located in Gardena 90247- willing to pay shipping if applicable. But prefer pick up if local.
  9. BgFish

    WTB Maxspect Turbine Duo 12K

    If anyone has one for sale please ok me
  10. BgFish

    TX and Southern US Frag-it-forward

    (Copy and paste from R2R): “Our members in Texas and other southern states have been hurting due to the outages and it pains me to see another thread or Instagram post of dying tanks. I would like to setup a group of donors that have extra frags lying around to send to members who have had bad...
  11. BgFish

    Free pink Kenya tree - Gardena ca 90247

    My Kenya tree keeps making babies. I have 4 or 5 2” frags available and ready to go. Free to a good home - pick up in gardena. Limit one per person. would love to give away to a new reefer or a budget reefer. it’s probally made 20 babies in the last 45 days- these are natural frags. Not cuttings.
  12. BgFish

    Sun coral

    I have a nice sun coral- this is a nice coral- here’s my issue: it’s an NPS so requires regular feedings. This is not a big deal except it generally opens at night and my tanks are at my office and I’m not there in the evenings. It’s been a pain to make a special trip or stay way late just to...
  13. BgFish

    200 lbs of sand needed soon-

    I’m building a new tank- planning on beep sand bed. Will probably will need 200-220 lbs of sand. I’ve checked prices and wow sand is more then expected lol. I’m considering used sand? Still haven’t decided but if anyone has some in decent condition you may help me make up my mind lol. Let me...
  14. BgFish

    Need help loading tank in city of Orange

    Hello, I will be buying a 110 gallon tank. The tank is located in Orange. I was looking for two strong people that could help me load the tank into my truck. (Just load) I have help on the unload side. Tank is empty and ready to go. The only thing stopping me from getting the tank today is...
  15. BgFish

    Free pink Kenya tree coral- Gardena 90247

    My Kenya tree keeps making babies lol. free frags- each at lease 2” tall. Limit one per person. Multiple available. Pick up in Gardena. trades welcome but not required.
  16. BgFish

    Yellow tang $125

    Last of the Hawaii yellow tangs- three available $125 pick up in gardena.
  17. BgFish

    Corals at Petco? - marine ave and inglewood ave in Redondo

    Just left Petco on inglewood ave and marine ave in Redondo beach. They have beginner corals- Kenya trees and Pom Pom Xenia - also sail fin tang $39.99 Coral beauty $39.99 hippo tang $109 And a lot of saltwater fish. priced good- most don’t know this Petco sells saltwater stuff- I was surprised...
  18. BgFish

    Aquatic life - 16” decorative end caps (pair) $30 gardena

    I have a new set of 36” aquatic life decorative end caps. New- never used pick up in gardena $30 cash or trade
  19. BgFish

    Kenya tree- free

    My Kenya tree dropped a few buds. I have two that are already attached to rubble and 3 or 4 more that should be attached soon. each are about 2-3” tall. offering for free- limit one per person- trades are welcome but not necessary.
  20. BgFish

    3x EcoTech Marine MP10wES $200 for all 3

    I have three older mp10’s. they all work but are used: 1. Rubber wire grommets are worn out. But works as it should. 2. old but seems otherwise ok. 3. this one was dropped and wet side cracked. It has been glued and works as it should but is cracked. note: I only have one power supply. $200...