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  1. BST310

    BRS $10 OFF Coupons X 2

    I won’t use the use before they expire.
  2. BST310

    FS: IM Nuvo 10 with APS Stand

    IM10 good condition no scratches. Included stand, media basket, screen lid, spin stream, algae scraper, and a old but working Sicce 1.0 Asking $250 Located in Carson, CA Thanks, Ben
  3. BST310

    WC Percula Clowns

    Is there any local (LA, OC, IE) source for wild caught true percula clowns? I’ve really only seen them listed on Marine Collectors online even. Going to be making some stocking adjustments soon and Im hell bent on a pair of these.
  4. BST310

    Acro Identification

    Hoping one of you SPS guys can help me ID the name of this acro if it has one. The aquarium of the pacific has it spread through a few of their reef tanks and I really like it. I’m thinking it may be a Tricolored Valida?
  5. BST310

    WTB:Frag Tank (3FT or smaller)

    Looking for a frag tank no longer than 4ft. Thanks, Ben
  6. BST310

    For trade Pink Nepthea

    Anyone interested in trading something for this decent sized pink nepthea? I want to take a single frag for myself before hand to regrow. Rough Dims: 6-8” tall by 4-5” at its widest point. Interested in anything and everything really with exception to Acros because I can’t keep them … yet...
  7. BST310

    Free: Banggai Cardinal

    I bought a trio of Cardinals and one unfortunately died. Now, the largest one one stop bullying the smallest one, talking relentless. It’s a bit stressed and little beat up from the bullying and being netted. Only eating mysis. Located in Carson 90745.
  8. BST310

    3 Free GSP Frags

    Want to note I have been dealing with some cyano issues. I have 3 frags of GSP available for free local pick-up in Carson 90745. All encrusted on plugs just closed cause I moved them to the front of the tank.
  9. BST310

    Home Sweet Home ....

    Had to go up to the Bay Area for work last week and found a deal I couldn’t resist. Don’t mind the cyano I’m dealing with.
  10. BST310

    Hammer Coral Issues

    Any ideas what’s going on with this hammer? Still “opening” everyday and flesh extends down skeleton. Symptoms began after a sudden salinity drop of one point. The rest of the hammers look a little off but not anything like this. Off as in the individual heads seem very small and not open and...
  11. BST310

    FS: IM Nuvo 20 Peninsula, Stand, and Media Basket

    Price drop $250 Good condition, cleaned it all out before storing just a little dusty from sitting in the garage. There are a few little unnoticeable scratches and one bigger scratch as seen in the picture. Will include Media Basket and the IM Stand. Feel free to text or call (310)227-6533...
  12. BST310

    SM 2" Purple Tang

    Well this guy is unfortunately just not jiving with the rest of my crew in QT. In particular nipping at my Rhomboid which isn't going to fly. Was going to set-up a tank just for him but I feel this behavior will carry over into the DT. Eat's like a champ about 2-2.5". $120 Feel free to text...
  13. BST310

    Black Cap Basslet

  14. BST310

    WTB: Hanna Salinity Tester

    Anyone have an extra Hanna Salinity tester they would like to get rid of? -Thanks, Ben
  15. BST310

    ISO: Copper Power

    Any LFSs in OC / LA carry Copper Power? Or anyone want to sell me some? Every where I call seems to be baffled by what that even is.
  16. BST310

    2 Pulsing Xenia Frags

    I have two frags of Pulsing Xenia, for free. Pick up in Carson I’ll be available tomorrow. They are mounted on pieces of a frag disc.
  17. BST310

    Green Sinularia & Zoa Rocks

    Couple of pieces not making the cut on the transfer to my new tank. Fairly large green sinularia, I’d say 10-12” tall x 4/5” wide. Just the regular green but still nice. $40 Zoa rocks with a little pulsing Xenia. Great to fill space so your not looking at empty tank when you first start...
  18. BST310

    WTB: AI Prime Fuge

    Looking for a prime Fuge in the Southbay / OC. Thanks, Ben
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    BRS $10 Off Coupons

    Use these before I spend anymore money ... Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Acceptable Regular Temp Swing

    I recently set-up a Inkbird ITC308 ... maybe I ordered the wrong model? Anyhow it become apparent that it allows for full degree in temp swing before it kicks the heater on. It seems I can’t program it to turn on any sooner like say within a half degree. I have it set at 78 and the low at 77...