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  1. BST310

    Another RBTA Missing Thread

    I have a read, read, and then read some more but have not gotten an answer yet to my specific question (all the way at the bottom) :ROFLMAO:. I picked up a small (3.5 - 4") rainbow bubble tip at RAP. Added it to the tank and it was immediately on the move but it was pretty late at night so I...
  2. BST310

    Melanurus Wrasse & Nearly Naked Clown (Free)

    Just to prefrace this I totally made the rooky mistake of thinking I could get away with no QT process I now regret that. In this process over the course of the last two weeks roughly I have lost all but these two fish. With that being said these two fish definetly have signs of what I believe...
  3. BST310

    AI Signature Schedules

    I am running one of the AI signature lighting schedules with some modification. I know how to move the schedule to start and end at a different time period but cant seem to find a way to shorten the schedule. Is there a way to do so?? Also if you have experience with the AI, is there a way to...
  4. BST310

    WTB Media Reactor

    Looking for a small media reactor to run bio pellets. Thanks! Sorry for posting in the wrong section but there seems to be a lack of traffic in the WTB section.
  5. BST310

    Micromussa Help

    Well I might have moved to fast out of excitement and picked up a hammer and a small Micromussa colony as the first corals in my tank. Along with a pair of perc clowns. The hammer seems to be doing great, full color and full extension everyday. The micro on the other hand difinetly looks like...
  6. BST310

    Durso Standpipe

    Hello All, So I have had my DT running now a few months and have been trying to isolate sources of noise. The Durso was surging orginally and I foxed that via drilling a larger hole. But the tank still seems a bit loud I understand it will not be completely silent but being that it is in my...
  7. BST310

    WTB: Icecap Gyre & Hrydra 26 HD

    Looking for a Icecap Gyre 1k & AI Hydra 26 HD or non HD with director. Preferably local, I am in the Southbay (310). Thanks!
  8. BST310

    WTB: Icecap 1k Gyre

    Looking for an Icecap 1k gyre with contoller preferebaly reletively local, so I can pick up. I am in the South Bay (310). Thanks!
  9. BST310

    Corner Tank Sump Dilemma

    Hello all so I am new to the hobby ... after a couple months of research I decided to start collecting some equipment. I paws line up to buy a 60 gl cube but it ended up not working out. Found a 50 ish gl Pentagon corner tank and picked it up. Well I bottle necked myself into sump spacing given...