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  • cool, I really need the live rock to get things started up on my new tank. My only question is...since its been in your sump, wouldn't it have a possible build up of detritus? I'm still learning, so your thoughts are appreciated. Call or text me at 951-893-0923
    It's pretty nice you will have to adjust the flow on the pump. Remember to soak the pellets over night in RODI. Start slow then add more pellets in two weeks.
    Han you look like some one who can help me set up my 125g tank... Know where I can buy some good but at a cheap price led lights... I was going to go mh but I heard I have to get a chiller..
    ATI 10 bulb power module and they are not making them anymore in Germany as they don't have the components.

    I think reef geek might have 8 bulb fixtures.
    wicked where did u get ur 60" t5 fixture from? everybody I've tried said out of stock and backorder for bout 2 months. and what bulb setup u have.

    thanks exray
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