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    Tim's 25g lagoon

    Great looking tank look into ordering intank surface skimmer it will help raise the display water
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    WTB RF module for vortech mp10

    I struggled with this also I ended up just selling my MP10 and buying a mobius ready
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    Share a picture of your favorite deceased coral

    this one still breaks my heart Till this day.
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    Red Sea 250 tank package

    Red Sea 250 w/white stand Stock sump Nyos 120 skimmer Tunze ATO w/white ATO container Jager heater Apex EL (#4 outlet non working) Trident Dos w/ COR 15 Jebao Gyre pump X2 brand new bags of tropic eden sand Good amount of rock real reef rock Bucket of salt instant ocean salt $1500...
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    I agree R2R feels a little dead there at least the market place I also hate how they made post expire I used to be able to find old post and ask if they still had some frags for sale but that’s gone. They also charge for more sale post maybe that’s why it’s slow
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    IRS will audit your Venmo, Zelle & paypal acct.

    Don’t send the $600 at one time
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    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Looks amazing as always can you share your Kessil and t5 schedule please
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    Tunze wavebox noise troubleshooting

    If you can’t find anything here hit up coral euphoria on ig he uses one and maybe he can help
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    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Looks great Matt what made you go back to sand?
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    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Beautiful Matt
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    Looking to buy a white cap goby (Lotilia graciliosa)
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    Brand new SCA 80g cube w/Rustic stand

    Just tank stand light
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    Brand new SCA 80g cube w/Rustic stand

    $700 final bump leaving up all weekend will close thread on Tuesday thank you!!
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    Brand new SCA 80g cube w/Rustic stand

    Tank/stand/light I can throw in a trigger sump for $100 more
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    Brand new SCA 80g cube w/Rustic stand

    Sale fell through Tank/stand/light package still for sale
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    T5 Hybrid opinions

    My next tank will be Kessil/T5 aquatic life
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    indo live rock

    Would love to have that rock TBH
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    Brand new SCA 80g cube w/Rustic stand

    Tank setup is pending to Ochi!