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  1. Dugggyfresh

    Hi everyone! My office 10g reef tank in Irvine

    Yes I got aptasia with it as well just 2-3 and a curlyque anemone , my copperband ate it all though lol
  2. Dugggyfresh

    Hi everyone! My office 10g reef tank in Irvine

    I have bought gulf live rock from and wow it’s good stuff! All the rocks were thick with purple coraline / bivalves / sponges and macro no bad worms but I did get a mantis lol
  3. Dugggyfresh

    The fresh reef

    Haven’t updated in a while , thinking it’s time! Lol. Been a journey with my reef , I recently moved and wow that took all day just to move the tank! I have upgraded to an 75/90 gallon and I’m so happy for it! The corals seem to be enjoying more space. I did lose some livestock such as urchin /...
  4. Dugggyfresh

    Free Xenia

    Forgot to add would love a aptasia rock! It aptasia in general CBB loves to eat it
  5. Dugggyfresh

    Free Xenia

    Trimming back Xenia today will be a couple mini colonies let me know ! Zip 92336 it grows in stalks, I’ll always except any macro algae or frags if you feeling generous lol
  6. Dugggyfresh

    Chaeto for sale

    Throwing away , I have offered for free and no one wanted thanks all also throwing away Xenia
  7. Dugggyfresh

    Blue ribbon eel

    It’s a guessing game , most likely won’t eat the fish if on frozen but get it off of krill. It cannot stay on krill due to nutrient deficient and thiamese it will kill the eel , use silverslides or live foods
  8. Dugggyfresh

    Chaeto for sale

    Bump , still have will throw away soon
  9. Dugggyfresh

    Chaeto for sale

    Selling a large amount of chaeto for 15$. Located in 92336. Will take a frag of softie / lps for it as well. Tons of pods / micro brittle stars in sump
  10. Dugggyfresh

    Csb talk

    I’ve heard CSB should be in a tank by themselves and no other anemones. Maybe they don’t play nice with others? Otherwise it’s the same as all BTA , stable parameters, good light / flow. I feed all my nems just once a week small amount
  11. Dugggyfresh


    No one hit up my post , threw this out yesterday lol
  12. Dugggyfresh

    WTT most corals

    Hi all , trying to go into an anemone/euphilia/elegance direction with the tank , I don’t have much but I would like to trade all my corals for the listed. I can do 4 big colonies of Xenia for a torch frag ect.. let me know location is 92336
  13. Dugggyfresh

    o2manyfish - It's All Gone.

    Sorry to hear that man but continuing moving forward just shows yr strength. I’ve got extra Xenia colonies I can give you one once everything is back up free of course
  14. Dugggyfresh

    You ready for the heat wave?

    House gets 79-83 max so there isn’t really much to do , warm water causes anemones to spawn tho lol
  15. Dugggyfresh


    Please Close -
  16. Dugggyfresh


    Tossing out later today bump
  17. Dugggyfresh


    Hi all need to get rid of a bunch of chaeto - currently spawning brittle stars / tronchus snails in sump / asterina . Possibly aptasia, new CBB hasn’t learned how to eat it yet will take any free frags or other macro algae! Or even some rubble , just started new tank. 92336 location. Price is...
  18. Dugggyfresh

    New office New Tank ~ 540 gallons with dedicated fishroom

    living the dream!!! Imo when introducing a lot of fish I think of it as boot camp , you get along with everyone at boot camp because your all in it at the same time , if someone joins later they are kinda an outcast and get bullied, so put them all in at the same time! That way they are all on...
  19. Dugggyfresh

    Copperband help

    Primary reason for getting CBB lol , just need to keep it alive first! Calling some stores for black worms if not I’ll try frozen blood worms next, and I may need to go sump fishing to get more fan worms
  20. Dugggyfresh

    Copperband help

    That’s the plan , been feeding 4 cubes daily and sheet of nori , trying to stick a cube into the clam shells , maybe it’ll help , it has eaten all my feather duster worms and keeps trying to pick at a big one