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  1. Grayston

    WTB RedSea Reefmat and Neptune Apex

    Yes, got 1 Reefmat 500…. This thread can be closed thanks all
  2. Grayston

    Red mangroves

    Yes, I use Kessil H80
  3. Grayston

    WTB RedSea Reefmat and Neptune Apex

    Setting up a new tank and want to go with a reef mat or two in the sump. Also any Neptune Apex tks
  4. Grayston

    Red mangroves

    I put mine straight into the sump 35ppt They actually self leveled… amazing
  5. Grayston

    Band saw recommendation

    Agree 100%
  6. Grayston

    Band saw recommendation

    Agree, I have had the Gryphon for a few years only because that’s what most people had success with. Learn from demonstrated success… but never stopped to ask why until this post. Thanks! 🙏
  7. Grayston

    Band saw recommendation

    Question, what are the specifics beside the size that make the Gryphon the saw of choice for corals. Is it the blade? Or is it plastic construction? I don’t know but would like any thoughts.
  8. Grayston

    Quick Q: Algae Scrubbers

    I use a 30” PAX works well - every 2-3 weeks
  9. Grayston

    Law office aquariums grand opening.

    Visited last weekend. Amazing, so close and well stocked with good stuff and good prices. nice find in Riverside
  10. Grayston

    QT tank basics - what are best practices

    Hi all, what are the basics needed to setup a QT tank? Any preference?
  11. Grayston

    Specimen preparation for SEM

    Wanted to get a thread going on this topic. Im looking to prepare some Pod specimens for SEM imaging. Anyone has any experience on fixing, drying and sputtering to share? thanks
  12. Grayston


    Engineers would like to see the internals, Arquitects would like estétics … practically I believe less chance for intrusion of any kind. And not to wander away from the main attraction which is the display. 1 Vote for closed.
  13. Grayston

    WTB Large sump

    Looking to buy large sump Let me know what you have? I’m in Riverside grayston
  14. Grayston

    Feedback References on seller Suvong7

    Thanks… I’m convinced Thanks to all The thread can be closed g
  15. Grayston

    WTB frag tank (glass)

    Found one… can close the thread. 😊
  16. Grayston

    Garage Clean Out

    FYI, tested ice cap scrubber both lights turn on, one is blinking. Not sure if fixture or bulb is loose… but so that you know.
  17. Grayston

    WTB frag tank (glass)

    Small, 24x36x8” or something like that
  18. Grayston

    WTB frag tank (glass)

    Let me know what you have PM tks g
  19. Grayston

    Red mangroves

    Pm me to pickup 10 today? Tks G