WTB- Convict Tang & Fish Suggestions

Mar 2, 2010
Orange, CA
Has anyone seen any at a LFS in Socal? I'd like a Mauratus one but I'm too broke for that so the normal version would be just fine.

Also, any suggestions on the next fish I should get? They will all be quarantined. I'm going to add some nice wrasses last. So looking now for a Convict Tang, and small fish that are colorful and interesting. I'm not opposed to more anthias. The male ish Bimac is the boss and chases them a bit but spreads the love around... he's mostly aggressive towards the other Bimacs. He didn't seem to care very much when I added the other anthias but does push them around a little.

No more wrasses for now, I'm going to save my cheddar for a few nice ones last.

I currently have-

4 Bimaculatus Anthias

2 Lyretail Anthias

1 Sunset Anthias

1 Carberryi Anthias

1 Blue Tang

2 Yellow Tangs

1 Scopas Tang

1 Exquisite Wrasse

1 Yellow Canary Wrasse

1 Female Ornate Leopard

1 Royal Gramma

1 Fork Tail Fang Blenny

1 Striped Fang Blenny

2 Red Fire Fish

2 Clowns