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    Jbj nano chiller fuse blown

    Where can I buy the fuse for a 1/15 Nano chiller
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    Rodi system

    Which rodi system would u guys recommend for making at least 20 gallons each week ? My tank is 17 gallons !
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    Apex users !!!

    I just order my first apex and I want to know How accurate is the temp probe out the box? Or needs to be calibrated
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    Apex jr controller

    Do u guys know if any LFS carry it?
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    Potter angel

    Wts my angel 60 dollars. Eat pellets and frozen, I got it las year fro Ali ,its about 2 inchesO
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    FS kessil 360we

    Included Light , control,Gossneck and 90 degree adapter 320 for everithing Bought it used a couple months ago but only used it for like 2 months local pick up only in anaheim
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    Par meter

    Where can I borrow or rent a par meter
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    Lf cheap zoanthid frags

    Wtb some of the regular frags nothin too expensive in Orange County pm me pictures in price
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    critters id help

    Is smaller than a rice grain kinda like a rolly polly
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    black trim on tank broken

    Can this be fix or us trash already?
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    potter angel !!!

    I was wondering if the following food is good enough to keep it happy Nls pellets Mysis flakes Spirulina brine shrimp Hes eating everything that i mentioned !!
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    cheato on drain chamber ?

    I was wondeting if i can put sime cheato on the drain chamber the reason for this is cus my skimmer wont fit in i put it in the refugium chamber where the cheato was supose to be ! Sorry if is hard to undetstand ingles is not my first lenguage !
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    Leopard wrasse lovers !!!!!

    do u treat for worms ?...
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    Distill water for top off

    Is distill water fine for top off... I run out of di water and lfs is closed
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    Has anyone put mangroves in the overflow? I like to put 1 or 2 just for aesthetics I'm planin in secure them to the durso standpipe
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    Apex jr or reef keeper

    I just want it to control my kessil 360we and heater and fan to keep temperature stable Which u guys chose ?
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    47 galln fish list

    47 galln fish list This is my List so far Pair of phantom clownfish mydas blenny and melanurus wrasse tank dimension are 30x20x18 U guys think that can I add more fish and if so which ?
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    Leopard wrasse

    I know this is a long shot but does some have a stablished leopard that wants to sell
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    wts ati fixture

    8 months old ati 24 inches 4 bulbs fixture comes with bulbs but Ned's to b replaced 150 firm preferably local[ATTACH=CONFIG]47603[/ATTACH
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    wtb kessil gossneck

    As the title say I'm looking for a gossneck and 90 degree adapter