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    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    Alright I need to know how this works cause I am in the Dino's keep popping back up club (I think I might be the president hahaha)
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    Lyretail hawkfish

    Base on your location this would be a drive but there is one in Temecula at Rip Tide Creatures.
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    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    I would say hold off on the Flux treatment as I have been bouncing back and forth with Chemi Clean and Flux and now have the Dinos I get to deal with. I tried to resolve to many issues one after the other just to have one previously thought to be resolved come back when I started beating the...
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    How many plugs and outlets on your system?

    16 for me. light x2, reactor pump, reactor feed pump, return, wave powerheads x2, skimmer, PH prob, UV, fuge light, stand lights, ATO, heater x2
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    mattzang's IM 100 EXT

    I see you like a lot of fish like me and have a similar tank size. I am think of getting a new skimmer and saw you have the Tunze 9410 DC. How do you like it?
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    Red Sea 250

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    Red Sea 250

    Bump and Price drop to $600 firm. Come and get it.
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    LF 80 gallon tank or less

    I have a red sea 250 and am in Temecula if you are interested.
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    Dorado's 3'x3' Cube

    Ah I have been following along on R2R cube sub form. I have a 36x36x20 I set up just a few months ago. Very clean set up you have!
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    Red Sea 250

    Tank, Black Stand, Sump, Filter socks, Media basket, VCA RFGs. Located in Temecula I bought it used so there has been at least 2 owners. I recently upgraded to a larger tank. Good condition with a few scratches. I have installed a shelf on the side of the sump that can be removed if the...
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    Smite's Stout CDA - 205G

    I saw a Frag Box YouTube video recently and they said the but the external Magnet in a ziplock bag I believe and then put it in the over flow.
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    Good thing it was just a pic of Pho cause this could have gotten real awkward
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    Smite's UNS 75g Peninsula

    Yeah mine ate right away. They ate the first day at the LFS and were only there for 1 day before I took mine home.
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    Smite's UNS 75g Peninsula

    I have a group of 4 Carberryi Anthias and they are a great shoal. All are still female so not sure what they will do when one turns. I would recommend the carberryi if you can get some. I wish I had been cheep and gotten more.
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    Where to buy Extruded aluminum locally?

    I just build a stand for a 36x36 and used because even with the shipping it was cheaper than anything I could find locally or McMaster car etc.
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    Lf helfrichi firefish anyone or stores in murrieta/Temecula?

    That sucks even with the mesh top. We lost a catalina goby with the mesh top. Little skinny fish need solid tops I guess
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    Lf helfrichi firefish anyone or stores in murrieta/Temecula?

    Deep Sea get them in the most often that I have seen.
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    Inside the tank. I believe it became airborne when I kept taking my hands out of the water to see how the rocks looked. I would towel off my hand and then the towel sat there and that cause the others in the house to have running noses and sneezing.
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    I have had it and had to go to Urgent Care and get an epi-pen shot and a few other shots and huffed some vapor and then had to be monitored in ER while the drugs wore off. I had a large population of Palys and did some re-aquascaping caused them to release the toxin. Everyone in the house was...
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    g-1 and pc lighting

    Sorry for the delay I could not open SCR at work today. The eyelet is the guide the air tube goes through. Hope this helps.