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  1. Aere

    Help ID this Zoa/Paly

    got tons
  2. Aere

    sundial? Id please

    Id please. Got tons of em, sundial?
  3. Aere

    Need to catch an angelfish, help please

    I have a rogue angel (I knew better, I did) who ate most my LPS/SPS and a few days ago I watched him attack and kill my cleaner shrimp. He is a lemon peel. I have been unsuccessful at catching him via a trap. He doesn't go near it, and when he does my sailfin chases him away. So Will it be okay...
  4. Aere

    Help Critique my frag tank build!

    I am building this frag tank, and going to start growing and fragging corals. I have a 125g Display tank currently. The 4 tanks, and the refugium/sump will be 50gallon rubbermaid stock tanks all plumbed together with valves, hard plumbed. 225-250 gallon total system depending on water...
  5. Aere

    Free live rock, and some simple corals

    free live rock, about 30ish pounds. A birdsnest, some zoas that are attached to LR (Nothing Fancy) I live in La Quinta (By palm springs) want this gone today, hopefully to a local in need. PM me
  6. Aere

    Tank is having some issues. Need help please.

    So my tank is just about a year old now, and everything has been perfect up until about a month ago. My zoas are closed up, and look melting. And its happening day by day. Started on the left side of tank and slowly they are melting/closing. I would assume I have some kind of pest. I added a...
  7. Aere

    Anyone around the coachella valley wanna borrow/rent me a chiller?

    So my AC is acting up, and It has to be off for a few days for repair, I do not have the cash to drop on a chiller at this time, but if anyone has one that I could rent, or borrow for a few days while my AC is being fixed I would really appreciate it. I can give a deposit, or what ever you need...
  8. Aere

    Zoanthid ID help please!

    Uploaded with So these 3 polyps appeared out of nowhere on my acan in the picture. Any help would be appreciated, but I am sure they are a new strain and I can prolly fetch 1000 per polyp :P
  9. Aere

    Why Can't I keep Mushrooms a live?

    everything else in my tank is thriving and growing like crazy. my specs are in the build thread in my sig. Sps, LPS zoas etc are all doing fine, no fish loses, but my shrooms always shrivel up and die. My chemistry is all on point, have a carbon/gfo reactor, LED lights.
  10. Aere

    How profitable is owning a LFS?

    Was always curious as to how profitable, or not a store is. I know this can very greatly as I am sure stores like AquaSD makes a ton more than say "Bob and Sue's hole in the wall". Not thinking of opening one lol, was always just rather curious since it is a niche industry.
  11. Aere

    Reason why my PH won't climb higher than 8.0?

    Amm = 0 Nitrate = 0 Nitrite = 0 PH swings from 7.6 to just under 8 Calc 400 PPM Mag 1250ish phosphates 0, or too low to measure salinity 1.026 alk 8 dkh Ph has been my bane since setting this tank up, everything else is in line but my ph, any ideas?
  12. Aere

    First Jebo to die?!

    Came home and it is dead, been in tank like a few days working fine.
  13. Aere

    BRS dual with the mj1200 pump

    nm problem solved....user error heh
  14. Aere

    Blue Star Leopard Wrasse (Macropharyngodon bipartitus)

    any idea where to get healthy specimens on these fish? seem no one online sells em:/
  15. Aere

    Apex PH and Temp calibration.

    So i was wondering if there is another way to calibrate these aside from the solution. And how would one calibrate the temp probe?
  16. Aere

    lights out?

    how many of you do a lights out period, and if so how often and for how long? Have a little hair algae and diatom bloom happening after about 5 months of running.
  17. Aere

    LED/T5 Guys.

    What bulbs do you use to supplement your LED's. I am building a canopy today, and was just curious. Mainly looking for a blue'r look. And before the LED hounds chime in and say just add more blue LED's....NO :P
  18. Aere

    Particles in fish tank? Water change procedures....

    I am sure this is normal, But was wondering if it is possible to eliminate these. My build thread is in my sig if you care to see the equip. I am using. I did just order a carbon/gfo that should be her next week, as well as some WP40's for a more consistent water movement. Second question...
  19. Aere

    Anyone want to trade frags? (Coachella Valley)

    Anyone who isn't two hours away want to trade? I have lots of Zoas/Palys Some Acans and a few blastos A couple chalice and some random others Star Polyps Meteor Shower Couple SPS frags (Blue one, and a green one) I don't know the names of most my zoas/palys even though they do have names, but...
  20. Aere

    What do you do with your frags?

    So this is going to be a two part question... 1) Do you cut them off the plug and glue to the rock? 2) In doing that how easy or not easy is it going to be to trim/frag them once they grow out on the rocks? (acans, Chalice, Zoas etc) I am in a situation where I have to many plugs, and not...