Oct, 2011

General store/business info:
T.R.F.S is loacated at
11940 Foothill blvd Rancho Cucamonga
Ca 91739
two block'swest of victoria gardens.
here is a map.

Hours of Operation:
Monday 2pm-7pm
Tue-Sunday 10am-7pm

Tell me about yourself:

Hi my name is Jason and I am the owner of Tropical Reef Fish Store.
I am 33 year's old and live up in the high desert.
I am m engaged to my fiance her name is Anne. (age im not going to say im not dumb lol)
I have three great dane's dog's Rhino, Tank and Ebony.
It has been a life long dream of mine to open my own fish store.

How you got into the hobby:
I have 26yr's in the hobby. I got my 1st salt water fish tank when i was 7 year's old it was a 100 gal acrylic. I had it for about 2 year's till one day the front fell off no joke lost about 80 gal in 2 sec's. Then came my 60 gal had for along time.
After that i got a 75 gal show tank had this 12 year's with the same fish till a earthquake took it out. Currently, I have a 240 reef tank atm.

Other hobbies - I love to bass fish and shoot gun's wow i sound like a redneck lol.

3 .General info about the business:

At tropical reef fish store we pride ourselves on having great customer service.
We offer free water test and try to help out in any way possible.
If you have a hard to find fish or coral let us know and will try our best to get it.
We have three big frag tank's.
1000 gal fish rack.
We carry lot's of sps and lps.
We carry lot's of fish.
We carry lot's of drygood's.

Southern California Reef Forum has been a big part of my shop.
Our customers that have come in from this forum have all been so nice and supportive and I'm lucky to have them. I'd like to thank Mike (eyereef) for letting T.R.F.S be the featured LFS.

5. Fun Random facts:

i can't miss jersey shore

6. Conclusion:

As a big thank you to the SCR Community, T.R.F.S will be donating a $100 gift card that is good on fish and coral.